Advanced Offshore Charging System

A pioneering mooring buoy with power supply for in-field charging.

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The Oasis Power Buoy

Oasis Marine Power Ltd specialise in renewable energy for the marine environment.
Our goal is to advance the use of green energy solutions, by harnessing innovation and solid marine engineering.
Our current focus is our pioneering development, The Oasis Power Buoy.


The Oasis Power Buoy is an offshore mooring buoy, which also has an electric power supply for connection to vessels.

This is initially aimed at Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) and allows the latest generation of hybrid and all-electric vessels to moor and recharge their batteries from the wind farm’s energy whilst waiting infield. This greatly boosts the viability of such vessels and will contribute to major reductions in emissions from the current diesel-powered boats, greatly reducing their carbon footprint and eliminating astronomical fuel costs.

The Oasis Power Buoy is a development of the successful Mara Buoy Dynamic ( and is building on proven technology.

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Power Buoy Timeline

Step 1

Awarded Grant

Summer 2020

Step 2


Autumn 2020

Step 3

& Build

Winter 2020

Step 4

Near Shore Testing

Spring 2021 -
Autumn 2021

Step 5

Fully Connected in Wind Farms

Spring 2022

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