Our vision for a greener future inspired the innovation for the Oasis Power Buoy. The carbon footprint of vessels is very high and there is a great desire for wind farm operators to move their crew transfer vessels to a greener propulsion system.

The UK Department for Trade’s Clean Maritime Plan expects all new vessels ordered for use in UK waters to be designed with zero emission population capabilities from 2025. However, the location of the wind farms means CTVs require to be re-charged offshore or still rely on diesel. The Oasis Power Buoy is the leading in-field charging solution, providing an easy to use, zero emission power source fed from the wind turbines.

oasis power buoy


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We are excited to be partnered with Sealand Projects in the delivery of the Oasis Power Buoy. They are primarily supporting the design of marine systems and business development.

Formed in 2007, Sealand Projects brings together a combination of talents and skills working successfully over many years supporting clients and projects worldwide.

With their experience in offshore and subsea engineering they have the skill-sets that are vital to meet the development needs of the present and future Ocean Economy.

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The Oasis Power Buoy has been awarded a grant for Technology and Innovation in UK Maritime from Maritime Research and Innovation UK (MarRI-UK). This initiative supported by the Department for Transport (DfT), aims to develop innovative technology and systems that improves UK Maritime services and operations.

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